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With more than 10 years experience developing scripts for a variety of clients, I would make a great asset to your team. 

My Story

As a kid, I loved watching movies. This evolved into reading screenplays about 12 years ago. I thought to myself, I'd love to do this! And so my journey began. 

After taking a few online screenwriting courses, reading every book in the library on how to format scripts and developing a deep understanding of structure, I started reading scripts professional and providing coverage for production companies. This transitioned naturally into editing other screenwriter's work. Then I took the Aaron Sorkin Masterclass. I realized perfecting dialogue was the key to crafting rich characters and engaging storylines.

I work well within a team, collaborate, and brainstorm; but I am confident to take on large solo projects as well. I currently work with several media companies providing script writing and editing services on a freelance basis. I have a strong knack for matching tone, voice and hitting your target market flawlessly. I have a wicked sense of humor and can take complex ideas and craft them into engaging copy. 

Thanks for considering me for your next project. 

Ami Brown, Screenwriter & Editor


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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