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Ami Brown

Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi


Ami is a professional screenwriter and script doctor. She produced an award-winning short film and has been involved with film and TV productions for more than 15  years. She has clients that call on her regularly for re-writes and her outstanding editing service. Many of her ghost-writing projects and scripts have been produced and several are in pre-production. Her strengths include sub-plots, strong character development and dialogue. She enjoys helping other screenwriters and authors bring their vision to life. She knows Hollywood standard and professional structure like the back of her hand.


Recent clients include: Seraph Productions, Dim Light Pictures, North American Studios, Itcher Entertainment, Beyond the Marquee, You Go Far Productions and many more.


Recent projects include: Feature Film rewrites (all genres), Novel Adaptations, HBO TV Pilot and Pitch, Commercial Scripts, Video Game Scripts, Shorts, Web Series, TV Bibles, Feature Film Development, Script Coverage..... and more.   

Paul-Thomas Parnell

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Drama


Paul-Thomas Parnell is a writer and creator who has spent more than 25 years absorbing all things Sci-fi and Fantasy. He has written TV Shows, Comics and Films. His most recent film, Harker: The Awakening, is a Sci-fi coming of age story written for an indie budget ( Paul’s love for science and his training in video game design influences him to create believable worlds grounded in cohesive logic and internal rules. This, mixed with his innate ability to create meaningful and endearing characters, makes his stories engaging and easy to follow. When Paul is not writing he is directing or editing films. His preferred genres are Fantasy and Sci-fi screenplays targeted at PG and PG-13 audiences, but also loves creating TV series plots and characters..

Stu Greenfield

Dark Comedy, Melodrama


Stu was born in the United Kingdom with an in built love of the film format. From childhood films dominated Stu's life and have continued to do so into adulthood. Stu has had a number of careers, including animal welfare and human mental health, before discovering his love of screenplay writing. Currently Stu has a short film in pre production in the US which will be entered into the film festival circuit with another short and a feature in the planning stages, utilising both Stu's writing ability and life experience.Now Stu is aiming to help others achieve there goals by offering his services. Stu still lives in England with his partner, Kevin and their Jack Russell Roo.

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